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Deringer, Christoph, M.S

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Christoph is one of only 3 Master Bladesmiths in Canada and one of few makers living in Quebec who forges his knives from rounds and makes his own Damascus. He sold his first knife in 1989 and was recongized as a Master Bladesmith by the American Bladesmith Society in 1996. As a member of ABS he is distinguished by forging his blades with hammer and anvil using high carbon steel.

The Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing in Washinton, Arkansas is where he developed his skills in Damascus steel, folding blades and silver sheath making.

His designs are a modern interpretation of ancient traditions of Japan and Central Asia, which he intergrates with the iron fixtures and crosses of Medieval Europe.

He has three aesthetic elements that he artiscally aims for on his knives are elegance, structural integrity and balance. His knives have a refined fluidity in which the different materials of metal and wood become one, while being also intrinsically strong and comfortable to hold.


  • member of the CKG since 1994.


  • 1994 George Peck Memorial Award for the best knife by a Journeyman Smith

Chef's Knife (8 3/4 in.) with California Walnut
Best Culinary Implement, The Collectors Show - Napa, CA 2006
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Stone Maple Medium Chef
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