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Bu-Rei-Zen (Blazen) Utility/Boning Knife - Honesuki - 6 in. (150mm)

Bu-Rei-Zen (Blazen) Utility/Boning Knife - Honesuki - 6 in. (150mm)
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Product Description for Bu-Rei-Zen (Blazen) Utility/Boning Knife - Honesuki - 6 in. (150mm)

Maker: RyuSen Blazen (click to see more by this maker)
Item num: 85482
Blade length: 6.00 in.
Total length: 10.75 in.
Blade width: 1.52 in.
Blade thickness: 0.10 in.
Item weight: 4.80 oz.
Shipment weight: 10.88 oz.
Blade: SG2 powdered metallurgical (PM) stainless steel blade forged using a san mai technique with a center core tempered to Rc 61-63
Handle: Pakka wood
Description: Honesuki are Japanese boning knives, great for boning chicken and red meats but also amazing as a general purpose utility knife! The shape provides finger clearance when working over a cutting board. A gentle rock to the blade makes it an optimal chopping knife. The thin, aggressive point makes it even capable of detail tasks where a paring knife would otherwise be used.
Bu-Rei-Zen by RyuSen is among the finest cutlery ever made -- combining Super Gold II (SG2) powdered metallurgical (PM) steel with RyuSen's handmade craftsmanship clearly makes the Bu-Rei-Zen line one of our shop favorites. Our shop had long enjoyed the Blazen line, but when Epicurean Edge owner, Daniel O’Malley, met with Ryusen on one of his trips to Japan, RyuSen agreed to re-develop the line with some substantial improvements – clearly making it a shining star in the Epicurean Edge line-up.
The laminated core steel was changed to SG2 stainless PM steel for its superior edge holding and keenness. The fit of the traditional wooden sheath (saya) was drastically improved by including a magnet to securely hold the knife in place for storage. The English Blazen text was replaced by artistically marking the knife and saya with the Bu-Rei-Zen logo in Kanji.
RyuSen starts with ultra-modern, limited production, SG2 PM stainless steel and forges this between two layers of SUS410L stainless steel. The resulting edge is tempered to Rc 61 - 63 (very hard!) for exceptional edge holding, but is easy to sharpen.
Following in the best tradition of knife making, a steel ferrule is forge-welded to the tang to ensure that food particles cannot become lodged between the tang and the wooden handle. Both the blade and tang are distal tapered for the best possible balance and performance. The handle, made from multiple layers of wood impregnated with resin, is riveted to the full length tang and will last a lifetime. The blades are fully honed and some of the sharpest knives we have ever found. Accompanied by traditional lacquered wooden sheath (saya). Each knife is packed in a special gift box.
Availability: Not currently available

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