Western Slicing Knife with Amboyna Burl - 150mm (6 in)

Product Description for Western Slicing Knife with Amboyna Burl - 150mm (6 in)

Maker: Shigefusa (Tokifusa Iizuka) (click to see more by this maker)
Item num: 89390
*** This is handmade and one-of-a-kind ***
Blade length: 6.00 in.
Total length: 10.75 in.
Blade height (at heel): 1.20 in.
Blade thickness (near bolster): 0.09 in.
Item weight: 3.45 oz.
Blade: San mai forged from carbon steels by Shigefusa
Bolster: Integral carbon steel
Handle: Stabilized amboyna burl set on a full tang by Daniel O'Malley
Description: This is a collaboration between bladesmiths Shigefusa and Daniel O'Malley. During one of his visits to Japan, Mr. O'Malley met with Shigefusa to discuss the possibility of working on a series of collaborative knives. Shigefusa would forge and finish the blade. Mr. O'Malley would finish the tang and integral bolsters, completing the knife with deluxe handles better suited to the Western market. The result of their combined efforts are some of the most beautiful - and highest performing - kitchen knives in the world.
Fruit knives are utility knives that are perfect for slicing produce, meats, and fish. It is a great general purpose slicing tool - the sleek blade is also well suited to precision work. The sophisticated six inch blade makes it indispensable, whether your task is slicing fruit or chopping garlic.
Shigefusa forged the san mai blade by forge-welding an ultra-hard (63-64 Rc) carbon steel core between softer layers of mild steel. This Japanese technique results in a knife which will hold its edge much longer than even the best European knives. Integral bolsters are a common feature on many commercially available Western knives - it is a technique that is easy to do reasonably well in a factory with precise machinery. When done by hand, however, It is an extremely challenging process requiring a high degree of skill and patience - but the effect is well worth the extra effort.
The handle is formed from exhibition grade stabilized amboyna burl. The stabilized wood will hold up well in the demanding environment of either a commercial or home kitchen. A single piece of this south-east Asian native wood is cut so as to have the wood's remarkable grain pattern travel across the tang. Thanks to this grain structure, the variegated amboyna burl is figured with many captivating swirls. The full color spectrum of the species - from yellow to golden brown to red - is evident in this masterfully formed handle, the lighter section appearing as a vibrant accent angling behind the bolster. The handle is profiled so as to be very comfortable and provide the chef with a secure grip. Two brass hidden bolt rivets and an elegant stainless steel and copper mosaic pin secure the scales to the tang. The rivets have been profiled to match the wood - the seam is imperceptible. This knife is as high-performing as it is beautiful!

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