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Sakon Damascus Chef's Knife - Gyuto - 10 in.
Write Review  Product Details

Pure Gangster   
Matt  Florida  12/4/2008

I love this knife. It just replaced about three of my Globals. Well worth the price.

Working knife   
Josh  Maryland, USA  2/26/2007

I recently purchased this knife and use it daily in a high quality production kitchen. It devoures vegetables and has a smooth slice and a clean chop. It is amazing and has a natural rolling chop. The handle is larger in both diameter and length than most knives I have. I have long fingers and often find handles too small in diameter. This handle is longer and wider, feeling sturdy in my hands. The blade has weight but doesn't feel heavy. A great value at a good price!

As promised, more on the Sakon 10 inch Chef's knife Gyuto   
Gordon  San Diego, California  10/22/2006

So now I have been using this knife for about 6 months. It is a great Gyuto style for sushi, and just about everything. I use the blade everytime I cook. I hide it from my wife… she has her own knives. The blade maintains a sharp edge over time and is easily sharpened on Shapton ceramic stones. The finish of the damascas steel blade is wonderful and actually helps sticky vegtables slide off the blade… but be forwarned, the cuts are so smooth, many items will want to still stick slightly to the blade. I still use a traditional yanagiba for slicing fish, but actually like this Gyuto better for slicing sushi rolls. Enough said, try one. I promise you will like it and next I am going to get the little demi to use as an every day utility knife around the kitchen.

New Favorite   
Gordon  San Diego, CA  3/8/2006

First of all if you have a little bit of an ego, this is the knife to have. Many of my friends and neighbors know that I am a little bit of a knife nut, which they usually discover while I am cooking or preparing sushi for them. So I have shown this knife to a few neighbors and the universal reaction is wow! Then they go on to ask questions about the damascas and how it is made.
With them interested, this is how I show the knife at its best. I have always found slicing a firm apple or carrot tells me most of what I need to know about cutlery, its edge, how it handles and the blade geometery. In this case, there was no hesitation when the blade touched the peel, as is often the case. The knife slided effortlessly through the peel, core, in one smooth motion. Then I began slicing slices as thin as I could about 20-30 slices per inch. The knife glided effortlessly through the firm apple and the cuts we so smooth, the apple had no tendency to oxydize (brown) for a full 20 minutes.
I proceded to copy my demonstration showing the knife to my neighbor, her sister and sister-in-law, and then I disovered a problem. I almost lost the knife. They each took the knife and repeated the demonstration and then began discussing how they were going to keep this knife. A great testament to a fine product. I retreived the knife with a promise of the web link to your site. More to come as I put this knife through it's paces, but be assured, I have a new favorite on my cutting board.

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