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Kumagoro Hammer Finish Chef's Knife - Gyuto - 240mm (9 1/2 in.)
Write Review  Product Details

Pure Excellence!!   
ChefGilla  Natick Ma  1/3/2011

The knife was packed extremely well and showed up sharper than any other blade in my kit! I found the length (240mm/9.5in) to be extremely versatile. I immediately sliced, diced, chopped and minced everything in my fridge from garlic and onions to a whole chicken before I even threw out the packaging. The craftsmanship is beautiful and being that it is my first carbon steel knife, I'm finding it pretty easy to maintain. I also have to say that I could not get over the customer service from Epicurean Edge. As soon as I ordered online I received a call from one of the reps who provided me with all the info I would need to get started and then some. A++ to Epicurean and A++ to Kumagoro

Gyuto Chef Knife 9 1/2in   
Vungping  United States  11/14/2009

One of the best Japanese knife I ever seen. Especially the length of the knife because I saw only the short one. I like to see the thick of the knife too. Why it didn't show.

Gorgeous Knife   
Steve  Dallas, TX  10/6/2009

This was my first carbon steel Japanese knife, and it is a perfect introduction. Great balance, beautiful craftsmanship and a razor sharp edge.

Girard  Australia  5/19/2009

This is it! The bees Knees, The cats Pajamas, The real Mcoy, Figjam of Knives. I cannot use any of my numerous other chefs knives any more. Kumagoro Rocks. It is razor sharp, holds an edge, is easy to sharpen and is the best knife I have ever used. Only problem now is I would like the rest of the set. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Great knife   
Chris  NJ, USA  2/28/2009

This carbon steel knife is razor sharp out of the box. Holds it edge very well. It isn't hard to maintain, just clean it after use, dry it well, add some oil and it is done. Forms a nice patina. Would recommend this knife

Using this knife for home cooking   
Keith  Hawaii  9/23/2008

I really did not want to put this in my knife bag for work.I bought this knife for the blue carbon steel & the looks. I really like the feel & balance of this blade. The steel is excellent I keep it very sharp.You must wipe it dry -- that polished steel edge will rust. I have been using it for almost a year for my home meals. Touch it up on a 4000 whet stone, holds an edge very well. This knife works & feels just as good as it looks. It is a winner at a very fair price.

A darling & a work horse   
Per-Ola  Sweden  7/25/2008

I am really impressed with this beautiful, extremely sharp and perfectly balanced knife. The size, weight and blade thickness all contribute to the perfect balance.
It is aggressively sharp and it remains sharp for looooo…ng.
You almost miss noticing when the knife goes through the surface of what you are cutting.
It is an absolute pleasure (or even entertainment) to use this knife. You cut things just because it is fun. Very highly recommendable! It is well worth the money (I’d say it’s even cheap, if you look at what you get for the money).
As with everything I bought from epicedge.com, it was delivered well packed and very fast (4 days to my home in Sweden). Their service is excellent and in a class of its own!

Great knife   
Adam  Redondo CA  2/25/2008

it's great, holds an edge and makes fast work of anything. 2 down sides though…
1. Rusts/stains fast…I'm talking seconds
2. Can be chipped if dropped, hit or used wrong.
One of my prep cooks dropped it in the sink…no more tip.

BladeGallery Response:
Thank you for your review on www.epicedge.com. In your review, you noted two problems. The first was that the knife easily rusts or oxidizes. Blue steel #2 is a carbon steel, meaning that a patina is normal. Blue tones of oxidation will inhibit rust (and develop over the first few months of use). Red tones are the start of rust and should be avoided. The best way to avoid rust is to encourage blue tones of oxidation for the first few months by regularly using camellia oil. This can be ordered from our website and will make it much easier to maintain your knife.
It also sounds as though your knife was dropped and the tip damaged. While this can happen to any knife, it is not something that any of us like to see happen to ours. Knives purchased from www.epicedge.com have a free first time sharpening, during which we can fix the knife’s tip at no charge. You would only be responsible for return shipping. If you would like to take advantage of this free service, you may send the knife back to us at:
Epicurean Edge
107 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033
Please let me know if we can assist further.

Jannie  Washington  12/26/2007

It doesn't feel like it's breaking the surface of what I'm cutting into, it simply glides through the food. It took no learning, no getting used to, but I immediately felt comfortable and so much more in control than I've been with any Gyuto this size. And it is sharp, oh my! My first carbon steel knife. I love the Ho D handle, very comfortable using push, pull, up and down and rocking off the tip. I'll use this knife when I could easily get away with something much smaller (yes including garlic) but choose this one just because it's so enjoyable. It's my "cut anything knife".

Beef Tendon Master   
Luong  Redmond, WA  6/20/2007

My henckel chef knife sucks royal at slicing/chopping beef tendon, my arm, hand(s) & wrist hurt after 5 lbs. Twice already I cut beef tendon using this knife (6 weeks ownership), I keep wanting to cut more - yeah cutting/slicing was actually fun. 9.5" is perfect size of slicing meat, big/bulk vegies. It's a carbon steel blade, mine has mixed patina: some blue, orangy, and black spots near the edge. I do oil it but hey I ain't going to serve a knife, it gotta earn its spot in my block. Highly recommended!
BTW - I gave my 4* henckle set away, no going back!

excellent knife, excellent service   
Matthew  Essex/England  12/4/2006

I am very impressed with this knife, I have a lot of Japanese carbon knives and this ranks as one of the best.
The handle fit and finish is top notch, nothing to complain about there, the hammer finish on the blade is not only nice to look at but is functional as well, less food sticking and also increases grip, the knife sharpens up with relative ease and it takes a razor sharp edge. The edge retention is excellent, I only steeled it twice in a week and the edge was not far from what it had been, 20% sharpness loss in one week makes this knife a top performer, add on top of that the asthetics and it gets a top rating.
The service provided to me by the staff of Epicurean Edge is almost in a league of it's own, very helpful in working around problems, very polite as well.

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