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Great Knife (3/8/2016)
Came sharp out of the box. With a 2000-6000 grit stone combo I can get it razor sharp. Great build quality. The rusticated blade is beautiful.

Roberto - Vermont
My go-to knife (7/25/2015)
When initially makin the jump from European knives to this, it felt a little small, but it has become my favorite. Well balanced, fairly easy sharpen and holds an edge well. Keep well-oiled.

Sean - Alaska
Amazing bang for the buck (12/29/2013)
I would suggest this knife to any entry level or home cook,. This knife is astonishingly sharp for the money. Ten times better than my shun premier which cost twice the money

Mike - Florida
Great Blade (9/19/2011)
Holds edge remarkably well, a real pleasure to use. Great blade geometry. When cutting vegetables seems to fall through the vegetable almost without pressure.

Barry - Washington State
Solid (10/28/2010)
The web pic doesn't do the knife justice. To me it feels a little weight-forward. But it has a great feel. Light weight knife but not as light as Moritaka. Nice edge out of the box. Well worth the money.

Matt - Miami, FL
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