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Suminagashi Yanagiba, 240mm (9 1/2 in)
Write Review  Product Details

A gift for a very talented sushi chef   
Andrew  Washington  11/23/2009

I have a background in jewelry production and fine tools. Good knives are precision instruments, to be sure. But, as we all know, it is always hard to buy any guy a gift that is also a tool. So with some "gift" trepidation, I purchased one of these lovely knives for a sushi chef who has served me and my friends with unique and varied culinary delights in the most gracious manner for many years. It was my way of saying "thanks" beyond the many years of tips and verbal accolades. I confess I was nervous that my choice would be "off the mark," that it would not be to his standards or, perhaps, that the balance would not be to his liking. I mean, how to buy a "pro" the primary tool of his trade? Happily, when he opened the box, a smile went from ear to ear. And if I may say, there may have been a momentary tear in his eyes. I told him he could exchange it if was not to his liking (as I had no idea if he would be happy with my choice - I'm no sushi chef), but after examining the blade, the spine, the construction and the balance, without a further moment's hesitation, he started using it right away for the tasks at hand. The more he cut, the more the smile grew, to the point that his Dad, the owner of the restaurant, asked him to give it a try. This chef has used it for many days now, and it seems that I had the good fortune to choose a tool for him that may well become his go-to knife and long term working companion. There was great joy in giving it to him. He said the way it cuts and the overall feel of the knife was first rate, like it was a perfect extension of his hand. What more could you ask for?? ;-) I teased him about shooting myself in the foot as "the client", because now he can cut the sashimi pieces nearly paper thin, perhaps 1/2 the thickness of before, and so I'll have to order twice as much! So, it seems this knife gets a 5 star rating from the professional sushi chef, and I thought I would pass it along... Happy cutting.

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