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In the early 1960s, Mr. Kobayashi embarked on his quest to create the world’s finest kitchen knife. He pioneered many concepts that have become “standard” today – molybdenum, tungsten high alloys for increased strength, toughness and hardness; thin blades for less resistance and greater precision; sharper than razor edges; and ergonomic designs for maximum performance.

MAC knives are still handmade without the use of robotics, automated production lines, computers, or lasers. Unlike many other makers, Mr. Kobayashi has steadfastly refused to eliminate production steps, outsource to China, switch to less expensive materials, or in any way to compromise the performance of his knives for the purpose of decreasing costs. He is extremely proud of MAC’s reputation as one of the world’s finest knives and his passion is the enjoyment of those who own his MAC knives.

Black Break-Resistant Ceramic Honing Rod (SRB-103) - (10 1/2")
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MAC Japanese: Deba Cleaver - 4 in. (CL-40)
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MAC Japanese: Deba Cleaver - 7 1/2 in. (CL-75)
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