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Kansui Santoku (7/17/2020)
This is an incredible knife. Razor sharp and holds an edge for a long time. If you sharpen it on a 5000 grit water stone with a nagura stone rubbed on it with water to make a slippery gray surface it will become so sharp it sticks to the cutting board. I have never seen anything like this knife. I had one lost it and luckily I bought the same one here. It is an incredible knife that really never gets dull. It picks up an edge quickly but eve after long periods of use it is still sharp just not razor sharp. It is a dream of a knife. Keep it dry and oil it or it will rust and turn black where the blue steel is. Still a great knife that I highly recommend!!!

Nicholas - ILLINOIS
Great Value! (6/2/2009)
This knife is a really impressive cutter due to the blue steel core and super thinness. The steel takes a very keen edge, can be sharpened acutely, and has impressive edge retention. I use it on the line in a pro kitchen with great results and have had no chipping or problems with the high hardness. The steel is not overly reactive and the stainless sides makes it easy to avoid corrosion. It is clearly not a handmade knife, but its a real performer.

Ryan - Texas
value (9/16/2006)
For the price of this knife it is amazing value, very smooth use and light weight help to make this one of the better knives I have used. I highly recomend this for anyone on a tight budget looking for an above average knife

allan - wa, usa
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