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Amazing value (11/24/2016)
Got this 3 (ish) years ago. Sharpened twice in that time.

First time was after i took the tip off (just 1mm) during a cleaning accident.

Second time was 18 months ago where i made the edge far more narrow (using EdgePro) - it didn't need sharpening but I wanted to see how sharp it could get. Even with a much narrower angle, 18 months later it's still shave sharp.

I'm just a home cook, but I'm a cooking (and knife) enthusiast so the knife gets used a lot - the only thing i don't use this for is deboning and pumpkins. Good knife technique and being careful when washing it and that edge is only just starting to get to the point where it won't press cut a tomato.

HIGHLY recommended

Zeb - Australia
Plain & Simple Great Knife (1/12/2015)
This is not a fancy knife, just a plain jane workhorse blade. The SRS-15 steel has great characteristics like takes a razor sharp edge, superior edge retention, easy to get sharp on the stones.
Good knife for a production kitchen.

Keith - Hawaii USA
Deserves more acclaim (6/9/2014)
I've alternated between this knife and a Kikuichi TKC for the past week or so and find myself reaching for the Akifusa more often. This knife is simply awesome. Blade is out of this world sharp OOTB. Very little flex, destroys every piece of produce it's touched and has perfect geometry (in my estimation anyway). Highly, highly recommend this knife

Richard - New York, USA
best value (5/11/2012)
I purchased this knife about six months ago and could not be happier. edge retention is unbelievable. comfortable balance, thin and great value. i sharpen this knife about half as often as my kikiuchi petty that i also use at work and use it twice as much. recently i reset the bevels to 9 degrees 50/50. being a little worried about loss in edge retention i was amazed that after one week i was still able to shave with it (~25 hours of prep)(plus a little line work) i have put a chip or two in the edge, but nothing bad considering the edge i have on it. handle isnt the best but balance is great and i never have fatigue problems. i dont think you can buy a comparable knife for under 200.

tyler - burlington vt
buy this knife (1/12/2012)
I bought this gyuto just over one year ago, and loved it from the start. Recently I had Daniel sharpen it, and it is now a different magnitude of sharp. I've been buying top quality knives for over 40 years and this has become my clear favorite of 50 plus knives in my kitchen: extremely sharp; easy to touch up; minces garlic and onions; slices carrots, turnips, parsnips, etc. with ease, speed and finesse. Meats cannot resist. It offers tremendous value compared to cheaper/lesser quality as well as the more expensive/fancier competitionamong gyuto/chef knives. Balance and weight are perfect for me. If the size is right for you, you won't be even a little disappointed with this gem.

chris - wa,usa
Great steel (3/9/2011)
Absolute stellar knife that comes scary sharp out of the box. After some usage I sharpened the knife with the Spyderco Sharpmaker raised to generate a norrower edge - now it's sharp beyond belief.
The one negative thing I can think of is the handle. It could definitely have been more rounded, as well as the transition between metal and wood could have been smoother. This would have given the knife a more luxurious feel.
Over all I very much recommend this knife. I will definitely consider Akifusa whenever I might be looking for purchasing a new knife.

Andreas - Sweden
Knife Snob (12/25/2010)
Extremely pleased with this purchase. For the money, you can't find a better knife of this size and style. Originally I thought it was sharp out of the box and was extremely pleased. Recently I refined the edge and was shown how truly sharp this beauty is! I would buy another in a heart beat! I also love the hand made feel of this knife design. No logo stamps nothing cheap looking. It makes you feel like an artisan craftsman created this beauty for you personally back in feudal Japan.

Harrison - Ma USA
Great knife (12/6/2009)
Great knife. I've been using this knife at work daily, and the edge holds up very well, gets extremely sharp, and is not very difficult to sharpen when needed. Fit and finish seem to be top notch. I like this knife enough that I will probably buy a second as a backup in my knife roll. I would highly recommend this knife.

Kevin - Florida
Great for the money (10/28/2009)
I love the geometry of this knife. It's got a great shape and balance to it. Based on what I've read about it, I expected it to be a bit thinner but it's not thick by any means. Very nice Gyuto!

Rob - SD USA
Excelent (10/19/2009)
Wow! This knife a is real pleasure to use. Comes nicely sharp out of the box and its edge lasts and lasts. A bit less polished (shiny) steel than Blazen but less prone to tiny scratches. Comfortable pleasant full-size handle.
Very helpful customer service, fast shipping. Very satisfied. Would buy again!

Lukas - Dublin, Ireland
Great Knife (9/9/2009)
Has quickly become the knife I use 95% of the time. The edge lasts me months of regular use, and is easily touched up with a few passes on the stone. I put a few nicks in the blade not realizing what knife I was holding while cutting a particularly crusty loaf. I was amazed how easily they came out considering the edge retention capabilities.

Rob - NJ/USA
Great Knife! (12/28/2008)
Good fit & finish throughout. Thinner blade than my yoshikane facilitates push cutting. A great workhorse gyuto.

Aaron - Hawaii
Incredible (7/28/2008)
Let me start by saying I am in the restaurant industry and demand a lot from my knives. I have tried most of the higher-end stainless gyutos on the market, and this one is easily the best. If you are considering a Blazen, get this instead! It holds a very nice edge for what seems like an eternity. A home cook could use this knife for a year without needing to sharpen it.

Matt - NY, USA
An absolute delight (12/9/2007)
I'm always leary of recommending cooking knives, because so much of is a matter of personal preference.
So, if, like me, you prefer more of a classic chef's knife over a Santoku, and you want a 240mm length, I strongly recommend this knife.
It is an absolute joy to work with, and to get a better knife involves spending 3-4 times the price.

Dave - Washington, USA
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