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We are very excited to introduce our exclusive Epicurean RyuSen knife line and believe this to be among the best performing knives ever made.

Super Gold II (SG2) powdered metallurgical (PM) steel is combined with the beauty of damascus. RyuSen starts with ultra-modern, limited production, SG2 PM stainless steel and forges this between layers of stainless damascus steel. The resulting cutting edge is tempered to Rc 62 - 64 (very hard!) for exceptional edge holding, but is easy to sharpen due to the small grain structure. Ninety-six layers of alternating steel are combined to create the deeply etched, intricate damascus.

It is common, when slicing, for food to stick to the knife. This knife employs two techniques to decrease this problem. The sides of theses knives have been convex ground, making food naturally fall away. Second, by etching the surface, rather than simply polishing the damascus, wet foods cannot form a suction to the side of the blade.

Following in the best tradition of knife making, a steel ferrule is forge-welded to the tang to ensure that food particles cannot become lodged between the tang and cocobolo wood handle. Natural cocobolo has a dramatic wood grain and deep, warm tones. It is is riveted to the full-length tang and is set with a central mosaic pin.

The spine and area behind the choil have both been rounded for a grip that is extremely comfortable. Both the blade and tang are distal tapered for the best possible balance and performance. The blades are fully honed and some of the sharpest knives we have ever found. Each knife is packed in a special kiri wood presentation box.

  • SG2 stainless san mai damascus blade - ultra-hard PM steel core with soft, deeply etched stainless damascus walls
  • Full tang handle with durable exhibition grade cocobolo hardwood
  • Three rivet construction for strength and durability
  • Mosaic central pin
  • Hygenic forge-welded stainless bolster
  • Distal tapered blade and tang for optimal balance
  • Very hard center core (Rc 62 - 64) for long lasting, razor sharp edge
  • Kiri wood presentation box
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Epicurean Damascus Chef's Knife - Santoku - 6 3/4 in. (170mm) -- Prototype
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