ChefSteps Sharpening Set - 2020

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Product Description for ChefSteps Sharpening Set - 2020

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Item num: 101201
Item weight: 154.40 oz.
Shipment weight: 170 oz.
Description: This waterstone set was developed by the folks over at ChefSteps. The set includes a #220 Grit Ceramic waterstone (regular) to set the initial edge, a #1000 Grit Ceramic Waterstone and a #3000 Grit Ceramic Waterstoneto remove scratches caused by the rougher stones, and an #8000 Grit Kitayama Super Polish Stone for the final razor edge. The Nagura Stone should be used while sharpening on 3000 grit and above to get the best performing edge. A stone holder gives stones better stabililty and stops stones from moving while sharpening. Raising the stone above the table makes maintaining the correct angle much easier.
By using all single grit stones, this set makes it less likely that stones will crack when drying. In general, we recommend drying stones in a cool, dark place. Drying stones in direct sunlight or allowing stones to freeze can easily cause all waterstones to crack.

Availability: Not currently available