Damascus San Mai Chef's Knife (Santoku) - 165mm (6-2/3in) - Shirogrami

Product Description for Damascus San Mai Chef's Knife (Santoku) - 165mm (6-2/3in) - Shirogrami

Maker: Ohishi Shiro Suminagashi (click to see more by this maker)
Price: $172.00 Saving: $43.00
Item num: 105791
Blade length: 7.20 in.
Cutting edge length: 6.60 in.
Total length: 12.10 in.
Blade height (at heel): 1.91 in.
Blade thickness (near bolster): 0.17 in.
Blade thickness (at midpoint): 0.06 in.
Blade thickness (near tip): 0.04 in.
Item weight: 4.60 oz.
Shipment weight: 7.8 oz.
Blade: Damascus san mai blade with a shirogrami carbon steel steel core (Hrc 60 - 62)
Bolster: Buffalo horn
Handle: Octagonal zelkova wood
Description: A santoku is an Japanese knife that many western cooks today have added to their kitchen favorites. A knife of many talents, a santoku easily handles all the basic kitchen cutting tasks. In fact, some people even prefer it to a chef’s knife. Slightly shorter than the standard chef's knife, this santoku is light, agile, and very easy to maneuver. There's just enough belly curve to enable rocking cuts, which just adds to the santoku's versatility. At 6-2/3 inches, this knife is easy to maneuver, yet long enough for serious chopping. With a slighly straighter edge than a German knife, its curved belly can also be gently "rocked" through fresh herbs or spices to produce a very fine mince. The blade height provides plenty of finger clearance over a cutting board.
Ohishi's Damascus San Mai Chef's Knives feature a hand forged blade of exquisite beauty. Layers of alternating carbon steel (called damascus in the west - and suminagashi in Japan) surround a premium shirogami carbon steel core. Each knife is a unique design -- a true work of art. Shirogami takes and holds a razor edge -- ensuring a silky and effortless cut. It is hardened to Hrc 60-62 for superior edge retention. This gives the blade an exceedingly tough, long lasting and chip resist edge that is relatively easy to sharpen. A convex grind assists food to release from the side of the knife. The ambidextrous blade features a 50/50 grind.
The traditional Japanese "Wa" style handle is octagonal and is equally comfortable for left handed and right handed users. Traditional Japanese handles allow the knife to be lighter and more nimble. Natural zelkova wood (keyaki) is combined with black buffalo horn for a handle that will last a lifetime. Like other kitchen knives, this knife should not be put in a dishwasher.
Ohishi's Shirogami Damascus San Mai chef's knives are a perfect choice for the cook who likes the performance of a traditional carbon steel knife matched with a light, nible, yet durabile and strong design.

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