Three Knife Gift Set - Chef Knife (8 in.), Parer (4 in.), Bread Knife (10 in.) with Bigleaf Maple Burl - 52100 Carbon Steel

Product Description for Three Knife Gift Set - Chef Knife (8 in.), Parer (4 in.), Bread Knife (10 in.) with Bigleaf Maple Burl - 52100 Carbon Steel

Maker: STEELPORT Knife Co. (click to see more by this maker)
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Item num: 107561
Blade: Differentially heat treated, drop forged 52100 carbon steel with a dark patina and distal taper
Bolster: Integral bolster and butt cap
Handle: Stabilized bigleaf maple burl
Description: We are excited to announce a 3-Piece Essential Gift Set from Steelport Knife Co! This set features three of the most used knives in the average home kitchen:
This set includes:

  • STEELPORT 8” Chef Knife, flagship knife, named “The Best Made-in-USA Kitchen Knife” by Gear Patrol. A chef's knife is the most important tool in your knife kit, used for 90% + of kitchen tasks such as chopping and slicing, and STEELPORT's chef's knife is unmatched.

  • STEELPORT 4” Paring Knife, for in-hand or small finer work on the cutting board. Designed for a high level of maneuverability for smaller more delicate tasks like trimming, peeling, and coring.

  • STEELPORT 4”Bread Knife, a high performance bread knife with custom wavy serration ideal for hard crusted and soft loaves, BBQ brisket, and more, recently praised by The New York Times for exceptional performance.

The blades are drop forged from a single billet of 52100 carbon steel. A cryogenic differential heat treatment brings the resilient steel to 65 Hrc. 52100 is considered by many knifemakers and knife users to be among the best steels (if not the best!) used in modern knifemaking. It combines exceptional edge holding with durability and ease of sharpening. A temper line travels across the blade, showing the transition between the supportive spine and the ultra-hard (Hrc 65!) cutting edge. The blades feature a smooth, dark patina, offering limited rust resistance. Like other carbon steel knives, we recommend camellia oil to avoid rust and oxidation. The blades culminate in an integral bolster for superior strength and balance.
The faceted handles are Oregon bigleaf maple burl (Acer macrophyllum). They are set between the integral bolster and integral end cap. By using stabilized wood, STEELPORT ensures their knives will hold up well to the demands of either a home or commercial kitchen. The integral bolsters provide a smooth transition to the rounded spine for an effortless pinch grip. The handles are comfortable in a wide range of grips.
These knives are slightly heavier than a typical Japanese knife, though extremely nimble. The convex ground blades have a smooth cutting feel with good food release.
Made in the USA from US-sourced materials. Steelport Knife Co is reintroducing heirloom American forged carbon steel cutlery. They deliver trusted performance, exceptional design, and are handcrafted individually through rigorous attention to detail. Each knife is built and sharpened by hand in Portland, OR.

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