Integral Mosaic Damascus Chef's Knife (9-1/3 in.) with Curly Cottonwood

Product Description for Integral Mosaic Damascus Chef's Knife (9-1/3 in.) with Curly Cottonwood

Maker: Niko Nicolaides (click to see more by this maker)
Price: $2,000.00
Item num: 109027
** This is handmade and one-of-a-kind **
Blade length: 9.40 in.
Cutting edge length: 9.40 in.
Total length: 14.40 in.
Blade height (at heel): 2.12 in.
Blade thickness (near bolster): 0.14 in.
Blade thickness (at midpoint): 0.06 in.
Blade thickness (near tip): 0.04 in.
Item weight: 9.20 oz.
Blade: Mosaic damascus forged from 1084 and 15n20 carbon steels
Bolster: Integral mosaic damascus
Handle: Dyed and stabilized curly cottonwood
Description: Niko Nicolaides is an American bladesmith from Detroit, Michigan. He was originally trained as a machinist running CAD and CAM machines and also has a background in working in professional kitchens. He combines this history to create high quality, functional kitchen knives that any chef would love to own. Today, Niko is a full time knifemaker. He specializes in hand forged chef knives with integral bolsters and often works with beautiful damascus patterns. He is definitely a maker to keep an eye out for.
This hand forged chef's knife will make an exceptional general purpose knife in the kitchen. It is perfect for slicing meats and proteins as well as chopping, dicing, mincing and dicing. Whether slicing onions, chopping vegetables, or portioning meats, this will be your go-to knife.
This 9-1/3 inch blade is forged from Niko's own mosaic damascus, combining 1084 and 15n20 carbon steels to ensure excellent edge holding. The mosaic pattern is extremely detailed and shows Niko's skills at the forge. The spine and choil have been nicely rounded for comfort. We recommend using camellia oil to protect the blade and natural wood handle.
The bolster is integral to the blade, with the damascus pattern moving seamlessly from bolster to blade. This technique has superior structural integrity and requires a particularly talented smith. The front of the bolster is nicely curved to encourage a comfortable pinch grip.
The western handle is dyed and stabilized curly cottonwood. The contoured handle provides a comfortable non-slip grip. A carbon fiber spacer adds a nice transition between the handle and bolster.
Like other knives, this knife should not be put in the dishwasher.
Excellent work throughout!

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