#1000/#6000 Grit Waterstone - Large

Product Description for #1000/#6000 Grit Waterstone - Large

Maker: Ohishi (click to see more by this maker)
Price: $68.00
Item num: 87548
Item weight: 36.00 oz.
Size: 8"x3"x1.2" // 205x75x30mm
Description: The Ohishi #1000/6000 Grit Combination Waterstone has a large surface, making sharpening longer knives easier.
The #1000 grit side is used to remove scratches from rougher stones and to further refine the edge. This grit is often effective as a starting point if the knife is in fairly good condition.
The #6000 grit side is used to create a high performance, razor edge with just a little bite. This stone may be followed by a Ohishi #10000 Grit Waterstone for a smooth razor edge. The clay matrix is fast cutting and provides a clear surface with no deep scratches.
We recommend using a stone holder to keep the stone from slipping while sharpening and to raise the stone above the table's surface. A Nagura Stone should be used in combination with the #6000 grit side of this stone.

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