Damascus Chef's Knife (Gyuto) - 180mm (7-1/8in) - with Ironwood

Product Description for Damascus Chef's Knife (Gyuto) - 180mm (7-1/8in) - with Ironwood

Maker: Takeshi Saji (click to see more by this maker)
Price: $532.00 Saving: $133.00
Item num: 96546
Blade length: 7.50 in.
Cutting edge length: 7.20 in.
Total length: 12.10 in.
Blade height (at heel): 1.75 in.
Blade thickness (near bolster): 0.08 in.
Blade thickness (at midpoint): 0.06 in.
Blade thickness (near tip): 0.03 in.
Item weight: 7.20 oz.
Shipment weight: 15.6 oz.
Blade: Stainless damascus san mai blade with an R2 stainless steel core (Hrc 63 - 64)
Bolster: Stainless steel
Handle: Contoured ironwood handle set on a full tang
Description: The gyuto is modeled after the French pattern chef's knife. Longer and slimmer than the santoku, it is well suited to slicing and chopping -- an ideal general purpose chef's knife. The long blade makes easy work of tasks from chopping onions to slicing meat. The height provides plenty of finger clearance over a cutting board.
Echizen bladesmith, Takeshi Saji, is a leading knifemaker in Takefu, a city that is famous for its 700 year old forging history. Saji was born in Takefu (Fukui Prefecture) in 1948. He learned basic forging techniques after junior high school and at the age of 18, he began making knives under his master and father, Harukichi Saji, a second generation smith. At the age of 30, his master informed Takeshi that there was nothing more he could teach him and that he would be allowed to make his own knives -- he was honored as the third generation smith. In 1992, he was officially certified as Dentoukougeishi, a Traditional Master Craftsman, by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Dentoukougeishi are highly skilled master artisans recognized by the Japanese government for their commitment to protecting traditional arts and techniques. With over 50 years of knifemaking experience Takeshi has developed a number of his own techniques, unique ideas and original designs. His distinctive traditionally forged knives are well known.
Saji's chef's knives feature a blade of exquisite beauty. Layers of alternating stainless steels (called damascus in the west - and suminagashi in Japan) surround a premium R2 powdered metallurgical (PM) stainless steel core. R2 is among the highest performed steels used in kitchen knives. Each knife is a unique design created by forging -- a true work of art. The combination of the deeply etched steel and a convex grind (hamiguri-ba) assist food to release from the side of the knife. The ambidextrous blade features a 50/50 grind.
A stainless steel bolster separates the blade from the handle. The triple riveted tang runs the full length of the handle for strength and longevity. A central mosaic pin incorporates copper to bring out warm tones in the desert ironwood. The beautifully rounded handle swells at the palm, moves into a slimmer waist, and swells again at the end. The natural wood handle will hold up beautifully to the heavy demands of either a home or professional kitchen.

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