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10 years in, it's my favorite knife (10/5/2015)
I've had this knife for 10 years now. It consistently takes and holds an edge better than any other knife I've worked with, including a Shun chef's knife and a Mac paring knife. The size is perfect for most applications. When I finally wear off the last of the carbon steel through sharpening, I'll buy another that same day.

The only downside (if you want to call it that) is that blue steel is more demanding that stainless. As soon as you're done, you have to wash and dry it (especially after cutting anything acidic like tomatoes or citrus). Do that, and it will last for years.

Ethan - California, USA
Best edge (4/16/2011)
I've had this knife for a couple of months now. Perfect edge, maintained by an occasional swipe on the sharpening steel. This type of metal takes and holds an edge better than any other, imo.

Kevin - New Hampshire, USA
i love this knife (1/1/2010)
i have had this knife for about four years. sometimes i'll go away from it but i always keep coming back to it. it's blade stays sharp with minimal maintenance and it is well worth the money spent on it.

allan - washington
Amazing Blade (12/8/2009)
I've owned this knife for 4 years and its edge still amazes me. This knife is scary sharp and will remain so for a long time

Luke - Washington
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