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amazing knife (10/28/2007)
I have been using this knife for 3 years and I must say that it holds an edge very well and it's great to work with. People in the industry should save to own one of these knives. well worth the $

jason - Hawaii
RyuSen 5-star Chef Knife (6/30/2007)
I have owned this knife for nearly two years. Almost never need to sharpen it. Just now came to have it sharpened for the first time. It glides through food like it isn't there. This is a life-changing tool, folks. Once you try it, you can't go back.
I took it to culinary school when first purchased and let the students and chefs try it. Nothing came close.
PS. It's for fine food prep, not for cutting through chicken bones or separating lamb chops.

Ron - Seattle, WA
Cuts like a laser (2/28/2006)
This thing is not only beautiful, but scary sharp. It can even take a crazier angle if you know how to properly use a whetstone!

Val - Juanita, WA
What a Difference (7/1/2005)
Outstanding knife for the money. Light, balanced...takes and holds an edge so much better than the German knives. An Affordable jump up from even the best commercial knives like Wustof. It totally changed the way I approch knife work. The head chef where I work, who is French and also my mentor, hates it though. He has been accidentally "misplacing" his recently and is forced to use mine. Go figure.

Patrick - Connecticut
Changed how I work in the kitchen (5/25/2005)
I bought RyuSen knives from you a little over a year ago. I have the 9 1/2 inch chef's knife and the 4 inch paring knife. I love them! They have totally changed the way I work in the kitchen.

Jason - Maryland
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