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Awesome (1/23/2017)
Service at the Kirkland store is most excellent! One of my favorite places to shop for a gift. Always able to match a knife with individual needs.

Steve Hoverson - Snohomish County Washington State
Great Knife (11/9/2007)
I have one of these and it is a great knife . Its attributes are of course the edge, its light weight and balance. It is easy to maintain the sharpness with a few strokes on the diamond stick. Its high on the bang for the buck scale !!

Marc - Apalachicola, Florida
best santoku for the buck (11/18/2006)
Cooks illustrated ranked this santoku #1 in their testing and I agree with their findings! The MAC proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that a kitchen knife doesn't have to be 1) German steel 2) forged or 3) have a bolster to be a truly superior product! I own the German counterparts and when I tested the MAC santoku in the store, it blew me away with its performance, and it cost 25-45% LESS than German steel. If I had it to do all over again I would go straight to the MAC and leave the German stuff alone and pocket the difference!

steve - california
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