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beast (1/22/2010)
Sharp out of the box but one time on the stones and you can cut carrots thinner than paper. Cuts better than my hattori fh series and masamoto virgin carbon. Very reactive but why buy carbon if your not gonna take care of it. Forged so it doesn't feel like you are holding a piece of steel not like some super thin stamped knives. I want them all. Did I mention that it is hammer finished?

george - georgia
Crude Yet Delicious (12/30/2008)
I just bought this knife for use in a professional kitchen. The knife is finished in an almost crude manner leaving slight imperfections and blemishes that, in my opinion, make the knife special and unique. It is wicked sharp out of the box. You can't ask for better function at this price. Solid knife and great service as always.

Matt - FL, USA
Quickly adopted (12/26/2007)
I bought one, didn't know what I was getting into with a Nikiri but was curious. Well, that didn't last long before it became my favorite knife, OMGosh, this thing is sharp and I was cutting veggies so thin I could see through them and doing it just for fun. And then my daughter came to visit I caught her looking at my knives and asked if she'd like to try any of them. She's a vegetarian and I brought out veggies for her to test with and when she got to the Nikiri, she let out a big "Whoa, this thing's incredible!" I said, "yeah it is, isn't it?" and she said "I want one". Well I had her go through every knife in the block and she kept coming back to the Kumagoro Nikiri and so I gave it to her. Then I offered her any of my nice Gyuto's in addition to the Nikiri and her answer was "no, this and my paring knife are all I need". So then she wanted to know all about caring for carbon steel knives, which doesn't take much and that was it.
It's a really amazing knife, I have the Kumagoro 240mm gyuto also...yeah, they brought a whole new experience to cooking for me.

Jannie - Washington
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