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A Favorite for Many Uses (11/7/2015)
A bit over a year ago I discarded all the commercial kitchen type, German and assorted junk knives in my kitchen making a complete change to high quality Japanese blades. This santoku is one of 2 that found a home in my block- the other being a larger one for when larger amounts of ingredients are being cut. Only my nakiri gets more use than this knife.
The finish and workmanship on this knife is flawless. The etched and polished blade is bery easy to clean and its thin profile and grind lets it glide easily through almost anything. The handle has no annoying semi-finished edges though I have to admit its total smoothness took a few uses before I got accustomed to it.
This blades comes seriously sharp and ready for use and holds its edge very well. Every few months I give it a few passes on 4000 and 8000 Shaptons to keep it at its full potential but that's mostly because I enjoy using that way- not that it has become dull in any normal meaning of that word.
SG-2 and R-2 have become my favorite blade steels. They need little in the way of special handling. They do not stain in my use and are very easy to touch up. And I cut at least some limes and lemons (we even grow some of our own) daily because home squeezed ***ades, hibiscus tea with lime, and lemon iced tea are our routine cold drinks.
I've used this knife on some harder veggies where I'd typically use a nakiri and it works well even though a blade with more weight would be better choice.
Do you really need to spend this much to get a sharp and serviceable santoku? Certainly not. But if you enjoy using an ultimate tool and are willing to pay for it you will enjoy this knife every time you use it.

Paul - North Carolina
about the prototype (5/13/2010)
je suis Suisse et passionné de belles lames de couteau de cuisine. J'ai acquis le Santoku en version prototype depuis trois mois. Depuis je ne peut plus cuisiner sans... je me trouve tous les prétextes pour l'employer. La prise en main est exceptionelle et favorise la précision de la coupe. Le damas est somptueux, facile à affuter (sur un coticule belge) - même si l'adhérence des aliments n'est pas différente d'un autre couteau. Je recommande chaudement ce couteau - et aussi le site Epicurean edge pour la qualité de son service (rapidité dans l'expédition et les réponses aux questions)
Translation: I am Swiss and fascinated by the beautiful blades of kitchen knives. I obtained the prototype of this knife three months ago. Since then, I cannot cook without it ... I find any excuse to use it. The balance is exceptional and favors precision cutting. The damascus is sumptuous, easy to sharpen (on a Belgian stone) - even if the adherence of the foods is not different from other knives. I strongly recommend this knife - and also the site Epicurean Edge for the quality of their service (rapidity in the shipments and the responses to the questions)

Etienne - Switzerland
Amazing Knife (1/5/2010)
This is a beautiful knife, perfectly balanced for my hands, and razor sharp. I've been using it for about a week now and food doesn't stick at all. I've used chef/santoku knives from Shun, Wusthof, Dick, Henckels and others, and there is simply no comparison.

Zac - California
Beautiful knife (12/12/2009)
I bought this to give as a gift and am very tempted to keep it for myself - it's beautifully made and comes with a perfect sharpening job. The knife balances just a bit further back in the hand than other Japanese santokus I've held and has for me the right amount of heft - very comfortable.

Yet-Ming - Massachusetts/USA
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