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Slices perfectly (12/6/2012)
This knife has a razor edge and light weight for the size of blade. I agree it's a pleasure to use, Goldilocks knife, "just right". Can't beat this value, get one for those paper thin slices!!

bob - us
Great knife for the price (2/16/2011)
This is my first "Japanese" knife which I mean single sided and I will say not my last. Out of the box is wasn't bad for sharpness, but once I took it through my stones it was great. Very easy to re-sharpen and a joy to use. Also for the price for a left handed knife it is hard to beat.

Aaron - Akron,OH
A good practical knife (6/4/2009)
The knife is light and is razor sharp. The white steel loses its edge easily when chopping vegetables but it is very easy and fast to sharpen it. I can katsura muki cucumber and daikon a lot better than with a yanagi knife. The only con about the knife is that the metal is prone to oxidizing and water stains so the steel doesn't as new.

Stephen - Utah/USA
scallion killer (12/24/2006)
Wow this sucker gets sharp! Makes katsuramuki easy and chopping a case of super fine scallions fun. I would have liked it 10mm longer I think. Then it would be perfect. For the price it is amazing.

Brandon - Washington
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