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Fast and Friendly (6/8/2017)
I received my order quickly, it was well packaged, and included a personal thank you note. Additionally, it included a one page tips and tricks guide which I didn't expect but found very helpful for using my products.

Dennis - IL
Simply happy (1/21/2017)
Not much more to say. Your video on sharpening trained me in this art, and I practised and was successful in re-sharpening all my kitchen knives with the tools I got from you. Simply happy.

Rafael - Mexico City, Mexico
Great service. (1/21/2017)
Fast and friendly service. Well recommended.

Bill - WA
Amazing (10/15/2016)
This is an incredible value on some seriously quality stones. If you're considering this, just buy it, you won't regret it.

Jason - Texas
Excellent Service (4/14/2016)
I have purchased knives from Epicurian Edge and have been extremely satisfied. I even received a call from Daniel about certain knives that were not available.
When I received my ChefSteps sharpening set one of the stones had a chip in it. After contacting Epicurian via email Daniel responded with in an hour or so and issue was resolved and I received a new stone over night. Now that is what you call customer service. Thanks Daniel.

Moke - Connecticut
Wetstones (4/13/2016)
It was an export to Mexico. Absolutely no problems and very happy with the end result.

Rafael - Mexico
Chef Steps Sharpening set (2/24/2016)
I love my new set! I have been using some old water stones that I have had years. I threw them away after my first use of the new set. Beautiful to work with. Love it.

Neall - Florida/USA
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