Utility Slicer (6 in.) with Bastogne Walnut and Ancient Walrus Ivory

Product Description for Utility Slicer (6 in.) with Bastogne Walnut and Ancient Walrus Ivory

Maker: Bhakti Sa (click to see more by this maker)
Item num: 94103
*** This is handmade and one-of-a-kind ***
Blade length: 6.00 in.
Total length: 10.75 in.
Blade height (at heel): 1.55 in.
Blade thickness (near bolster): 0.09 in.
Blade thickness (at midpoint): 0.07 in.
Blade thickness (near tip): 0.05 in.
Item weight: 4.80 oz.
Blade: Damascus hand forged from 1080 & 15N20 carbon steels
Bolster: Ancient walrus ivory
Handle: Bastogne walnut
Description: This knife was made by Seattle native, Bhakti Sa. Bhakti is apprenticing under Mastersmith David Lisch and it is clear he is developing into an exceptional bladesmith in his own right. His understanding of chef's knives is exceptional.
This utility/slicer is a great general purpose knife for tasks around the kitchen. The slender blade makes it very useful and versatile from slicing fruit to portioning meats and slicing tomatoes.
Bhakti forged the damascus beginning with 1080 and 15N20 carbon steels. This ensures a keen long lasting edge as well as exceptional beauty! The high contrast pattern is immediately captivating. The thin spine is distal tapered for perfect balance. Bhakti Sa formed the elegantly contoured handle from presentation grade bastogne walnut. Bastogne walnut, also called paradox, is a rare hybrid tree resulting from a cross between an English walnut and a black walnut species. Bastogne walnut is a favorite for large caliber rifles because of its closed pores and hardness. It has tremendous resilience and will hold up well to the hard demands of either a home or commercial kitchen. Front and rear spacers are made from ancient walrus ivory. Alternating silicon bronze and black G10 spacers assist the handle to adjust to temperature and humidity changes. The handle is an elegant combination of traditional Western and Japanese handles.
A gorgeous piece built for serious use, this is sure to become one of your favorites in the kitchen!

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