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Almost Perfect (2/20/2013)
Just simply a great knife. Lost one star because the handle fit & finish isn't perfect.

Ken - Seattle
Blazen (11/12/2009)
I use this blade every day and it is a joy to use. The weight, balance and f&f are perfect. It was not as sharp as I expected out of the box but after some fine tuning it cuts like a laser. The service from EE was nothing short of stunning. It arrived in 4 days well packaged. I would definetly do business with them again

andrew - colorado
Best Stainless Gyuto (4/23/2008)
Easily the best stainless gyuto on the planet. Takes an incredible edge and holds it for a very long time. The blade is very thin and thus cuts very, very well.

Adam - Nebraska
Flawless (3/18/2007)
This is the finest knife I've come across. If you are looking for a beautiful blade, buy the RyuSen instead of this. However, if you don't care what the blade looks like (it's not beautiful to look at) you just want the finest knife that holds an edge for a very very long time, this is it. If you can afford it, buy it. Either knife (made by the same company) is incredible.

Lance - CA
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