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Hammer Finished Chef's Knife - Gyuto, Traditional - 9 1/2 (240mm)
Write Review  Product Details

Awesome knife   
Mike  Florida  12/29/2013

I bought this knife 2 months ago and use it everyday. It is still shaving sharp, not to mention it is an eye catcher. I would recommend this knife to any experienced cook

Great Knife!    
Jon (Professional Chef)  Winthop, WA  6/11/2013

I recently purchased this knife and am again impressed by the prompt service from epicurean edge. As for the knife, the F&F is pretty much flawless and the blade geometry is great. It cuts incredibly smoothly. The blade is quite thin behind the edge (which allows for it's cutting performance) so it's definitely not a heavy duty workhorse knife, but it's not that dainty either. If you are looking for a Wa-gyuto this knife is hard to beat especially for the price. But, if your making the switch from a German or French knife to a Japanese knife I'd go with a mighty MAC 240mm or a global first. In summary this is a superior quality knife for an experienced user/professional with some sharpening and maintenance experience.

Art in design and function!   
Scott  Tennessee  1/19/2011

Sharpest knife I've owned, right out of the box. More nimble than my 8" Wusthof even at almost 2" longer, and the extra length is spoiling me. The traditional, D-style handle is snug in the smaller fingers with a pinch grip. Notably sharper than a Shun. It's not the bright stainless steel of the of the better-known brands, so if you want shiny decorations for your magnetic block, this isn't it. If you want a unique, heirloom-quality, obviously hand-crafted knife that cuts like a thin light-saber, consider this knife.

David  Montreal, Canada  1/28/2010

An absolutely breathtaking piece of craft. Incredibly sharp out of the box, intuitive geometry/balance and comfortable handle (EE did a seamless job of sanding it ambidextrous- I cannot tell they even did it). Just a joy to use. I don't really see how I could move up from here. Easy to maintain stainless and distictive to boot - I'm definitely considering buying other models. Top recommendation.

The one that got away   
Brandon  Seattle WA  12/13/2009

This is one of those knives I really regret selling. A casualty in the quest for the ultimate knife. Now I feel quite dumb for selling such an awesome knife.

Aaron  United States of America  12/13/2008

This knife is light-years better than my shuns. It arrived sharp enough to shave the hair off my arm. Excellent fit & finish, I love the forward balance and the wa style handle. I feel like I have much more control over the blade, even though it's 1 3/4in. longer than I'm used to.

One sharp knife   
Tom  Tampa, FL  7/9/2008

I just got this thing and I went to town on some carrots, celery and onions for my Osso Bucco. This thing was sharp out of the box, barely needing any touch up. The size is perfect for me as a home cook making meals for 6 people and I love the D shaped handle from the Epicurean Edge version, it holds my three fingers perfectly as I pinch grip the blade. As everything I've ordered from them, it came lightning fast and well packed. This looks like it will be my everyday chef knife!

3 Months in...   
Jeff  UK  7/2/2008

... and its still by far the best blade I've used in the kitchen. Staggeringly sharp. I use it for almost everything, apart from hacking up carcasses and paring. I still don't mind cutting brunoise by hand. One small thing, I bashed the tip which deformed rather than chipped.

Best of the best!   
Mikhail L.  CA, USA  12/9/2007

I purchased this knife about a month ago from a different seller. And now I do not know if there could be a better knife for the money.
Blade geometry is perfect, weight distribution (i.e. balance) of the knife is good. The knife is light and nimble, and thus very easy to operate and maneuver. The blade is very thin at the bottom and considering that it is super sharp, it cuts through any vegetable with almost no resistance. The steel holds the edge extremely well and it is easy to sharpen. The handle is comfortable.
The knife comes hair popping sharp. This knife is ABOVE ALL EXPECTATIONS!

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