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Denka no Hoto Chefs Knife - Nakiri, Traditional with Finger Rest - 165mm (6 1/2 in.)
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As expected   
John  TX, USA  6/7/2017

Like everything from Fujiwara, this knife is a terrific tool. Fit and finish are a bit rough but the steel is extraordinary. Buy this knife for the blade. You'll love it if you have the temperament to take care of carbon steel. I own several.

Worth Every Penny   
Scott  Washington, USA  2/26/2013

This was my first foray into well-crafted kitch knives and I couldn't be happier. Daniel (the owner) recommended I look at nakiri style knives since I prefer chopping to a rocking motion. After looking at several well-made but lower cost models, he brought over the Fujiwara for reference and I couldn't put it down – it was thin and light, yet had more heft than the other knives.
When I first got it home I took a carrot and made a simple cross-section cut. The surface of the carrot was smooth as glass. Then I stood the carrot on end and sliced vertically down. The control was so precise that I could cut pieces 1/8-inch thick evenly from top to bottom. This knife is now my go-to for vegetables. It makes short work out of carrots, potatoes, etc. and does effortless chiffonade with fresh herbs. When cooked, vegetables retain their cut shapes better; my dinner guests all notice the vegetables in dishes and comment on their smoothness, sweetness, and the beauty of the retained shape. I have owned this nakiri for a little more than a year and it still hasn't needed proper sharpening to get those great results, just a regular hone. I also appreciate that only a small area of the Aogami Super steel is exposed and the rest is protected by outer layers of stainless, making it easier to maintain.
This knife was made by a true master. I have an Aogami Super santoku made by Asai that cuts well but doesn’t retain the edge nearly as well. There is a difference in Fujiwara’s tempering and sharpening. The finger notch really makes a difference for me, putting my hand and my arm over the knife so that it takes less effort to chop and guide. I recommend the traditional octagonal handle - it’s comfortable and well-balanced and feels natural to use. In my experience, this knife is a winner in every respect.

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